Welcome to the Xaverian Blog of the USA Region

What is a Xaverian blog you say? A blog is a way to share, dialogue, disagree, learn, teach, pray, preach, or whatever we need to say to each other, and in whatever way we need to talk to each about the very things that bring us together, all about MISSION. We share together as a Province in gatherings of one sort or another, visits, emails to friends and colleagues. Well, here is one more way, a conversation perpetually ready ready for new input, new insights, new prayers, and new hopes.

Anyone of us may wish to add our “two cents” to the conversation on a variety of topics that are important to all of us. This is a simple way to keep the talk going. If you have topics you would like to handle in our Blog, please feel free to suggest them. Speak Lord, your servant is listening in the dialogue with our brothers!

Just click comments and have your say. Feel free to suggest your own topics to engage the confreres. Choose from one of the topics on the left sidebar, or choose your own!

If you would like to post a new topic, just email it to me and I will post it for you.

Peace, Carl


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