The Word of God, Mission, Dialogue

After the completion of the initial sessions of the Synod of Bishops on the Word of God, Cardinal Marc Ouellet presented the summary report. It is divided into three parts. The first is entitled “God speaks and hears”, the second is: “The Word of God, Holy Scriptures, Tradition.” The third and final part is: “Word of God, Mission, Dialogue.” It is this third part I wish to focus on how the Synod fathers sees the Word of God as an ecumenical bond and the source of dialogue with other faiths.

The Nigerian Archbishop, John Onaiyekan says, “I come from Nigeria, a nation where Christian-Muslim relations has been a constant challeng…to build a better world is part of the mission of the Church. To do this, we need to link hands with others with whom we share the same concerns. This is surely a pressing challenge for the two greatest religions on our planet.”

Cardinal Jean-Louis Auran, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, says, “All the great religions have their sacred books. Islam, in particular, is considered by its followers as the “religion of the book” par excellence. These books are qualified by the word ‘sacred’ because those reading them consider them as coming from Elsewhere, transmitted by inspired persons and revealing something of the Mystery of God. From these religions, Christians can lern much…But it is as important to proclaim the Bible to our partners in interreligious dialogue, in particular our hermeneutic approach to the sacred texts.”

How do you see the Word of God in Christian Scriptures as a way to open dialogue and collaboration on some level with other faiths?

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