Overcoming Religious Intolerance

The Xaverian Missionaries find one of their most important purposes in the global mission of the church is in the challenging task of interfaith dialogue. There are many wonderful things in this regard going on all over the world. Here is something fairly close to home, shared in the New York Times. I had a chance to attend two national conferences of the Interfaith Youth Core, based in Chicago. 

By David Bornstein

While there have been widespread efforts over the past generation to promote and celebrate ethnic and racial diversity — everything from “Sesame Street” to multicultural studies to work force sensitivity training — the one topic that has often been kept off the table is faith … How do you conduct a productive conversation among people whose cherished beliefs — exclusive God-given truths — cannot be reconciled?

That’s a process that a Chicago-based organization called the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) has refined into something between an art and a science …

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“Interfaith work isn’t about watering down our religion and coming to some consensus about things,” explains Aamir Hussain, a Muslim student at Georgetown University…”It’s about building relationships so we can together serve others.”
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