Belated Mother’s Day Wish: Peace Mothers of Sierra Leone, West Africa

The Peace Mothers from Fambul Tok DVD on Vimeo.

The Xaverian Missionaries is journeying with the people of Sierra Leone for more than 60 years and we continue to help the young Catholic Church of Sierra Leone grow with grace and courage. 

The women of Sierra Leone suffered uniquely during the 11-year civil war that ended in 2001, yet they are now leading the way to peace in their country. Calling themselves “Peace Mothers” their courageous example is inspiring others around the world and illuminating a new power for peace to celebrate this Mothers’ Day.

To help celebrate this power for peace, Catalyst for Peace is thrilled to release a new 5-minute short film telling their story:

In fact, our Mother’s Day celebration in America has its roots in peacemaking. After the horrors of our own Civil War, Julia Warde Howe (famous for writing The Battle Hymn of the Republic) called for a national Mothers’ Day of Peace in 1870. When you read her stirring Mother’s Day Proclamation and watch the Fambul Tok Peace Mothers proclaim their optimism for their families and their country, you will see how they speak to each other across generations and across borders.

As Fambul Tok‘s program of community reconciliation was growing across the country, village women said that in addition to the truth-telling and reconciliation bonfire ceremonies, they also wanted some focused time to come together as women. Simply to come together. And the rest, they said, would take care of itself.

And did it ever. Choosing the name of Peace Mothers, these resilient women have unleashed an astounding energy for community development. They talk with each other, creating networks of wisdom and care to heal wounds from the war. They plant crops, build community spaces, speak up in community meetings. They sing. They dance. And when you watch our new, five-minute film about the Fambul Tok Peace Mothers, I know you will be as inspired by their global vision of motherhood as I have been.

The Peace Mothers show that empowered, nurturing, connected women are essential to building better communities – and better nations.

Will you join us in reclaiming Mothers’ Day as a day for peace?  

Watch the Peace Mothers’ story.  Share it with your friends, families, colleagues.  And then join with us in coming together to ask – what can we do today to help bring the gift of peace to our community and to the world?

Happy PEACE Mothers’ Day!…Belated!

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