Anniversary of My Missionary Priesthood

Fr. Carl Chudy saying mass in the late 90’s with the poor in the Philippines

In the beginning of my missionary life in 1981 in Sierra Leone, West Africa
June 28 I celebrate 26 years of my missionary priesthood. From work in West Africa, youth in Chicago and 13 years in the Philippines I plan to make the present chapter of my priesthood in the USA extraordinary. I am so grateful to the Lord for this call and so many lives I could touch with His compassion. The next 26? Can’t wait to find out.
Can I ask you guys something? Pray for priests and particularly priests working in far flung places in the world, places close to home, some in difficult and dangerous situations whose courage and perseverance depends in part on the people praying for them? Know someone you think could be a good priest?? Encourage him to check it out.
At the end of the day, missionary priesthood definitely makes a difference in people’s lives and in the world. Christ’s love poured out through all of our lives always did. 
Fr. Carl Chudy, SX

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